Fingo Inventor Series

fingo inventor series

Fingo Inventor playsets are our entry level models which are perfect for your indoor playgrounds or outdoor playsets.  Whether you want to build an indoor fort or jungle gym for your children's playsets, we have the right construction kit for your needs.  Our fingo inventor playsets range from the small primer kit to the large universal kit.  You can also build cars and other vehicles with our fingo inventor 6 vehicle playsets. The Inventor series children's playsets can be a great way to get into the wonderful world of fingo construction kits.  And when it’s time to upgrade your children's playsets, all pieces fit with all of our inventor series and constructor playsets. Fingo inventor indoor playsets are some of the most creative children’s construction toys available. Explore the world of fingo kid construction toys today and unlock your child’s imagination and creativity.

Fingo Constructor Series

fingo constructor series

Fingo constructor playsets are our high end models that can be used for indoor playgrounds or outdoor playsets.  Whether you want to build a multi-level structure or a slide and ball pit, our children’s playsets are perfectly scaled for you.  Each kit comes with instructions on how to build the playsets shown on the website that will turn you you basement or playroom into the indoor playgrounds your kids have dreamt of.  Each model on the website meets ASTM F-1148 safety standards for children’s playsets, equipment and supplies.  All of our construction toys are made of strong durable plastic that will provide decades of fun for your children and your grandchildren. These children's playsets can withstand the punishment that indoor playgrounds endure at theme parks and restaurants.  Fingo constructor play sets use the same tubes and connectors as our inventor series, add-on kits and all constructor playsets.

Fingo Add-on Kits

fingo add-on kits

Make your Fingo Inventor or Constructor Kit mobile with the mobile 4 kit. Add some splash with the Pool Kit. Create your own indoor playground with the Red Slide add-on. The Fingo Add-On Kits are compatible with all Fingo children's playsets and assemble with Fingo’s simple construction process: plug together; insert the screw; and twist 90 degrees and your children's playsets are complete. Challenge your child’s imagination, creativity and building skills by purchasing one of our add-on kits or parts packs today. Fingo add on kits are compatible with all inventor play sets and all constructor play sets that bring your indoor playset or outdoor playground together. The add-on kits are made of the same durable materials as the indoor playsets of all other series kits.

Fingo Part packs

fingo part packs

Fingo part packs allow you to purchase additional parts, replacement pieces or to simply add on to your children's playsets easilly. Purchase more tubes, connectors or clips to expand your indoor playsets and turn them into indoor playgrounds! There is also a variety pack that includes tubes, clips and connectors to enhance your indoor playsets and playgrounds. These part packs allow you and your children's creativity to soar turning your indoor playsets into places to play, invent and explore the possibilities.